Product : AGNI ZFP 2-8 LOOP



introducing the new ZFP Range of 2-8 loop network able analogue addressable fire alarm panels from Context Plus. Due for release in Quarter 3, 2011, all ZFP variants will offer full-color touchscreen control and a host of industry-leading engineer and user features


Standard Features

  • Communication protocol – Apollo XP95/Discovery.
  • 2 or 4 loops in standard size box, 6 or 8 Loops in larger enclosure.
  • 3A or 5A full EN54-4 PSU and battery charger included.
  • On board mini-USB connection to connect a PC running programming software.
  • Dual RS 232 style connections – one dedicated to a 40 column thermal printer, one for direct ancillary connection, e.g. to ESPA protocol alphanumeric pager transmitter/DECT.
  • Colour touch screen operation
  • Separate discrete LEDs for mandatory EN54 indications plus programmable LEDs
  • Real time clock with built in and automatic daylight saving time/backup PSU.
  • Standard upload download software includes facility to upload company logos – even from a simple .jpg file from a camera.
  • Loopless panel repeaters.
  • Secure fault tolerant network as standard (needs separate network driver card).
  • Full QWERTY keyboard included.
  • Loopless panel repeaters Directly connects to DIN standard fireman’s Interface (IFAM-FAT/FBF ). Interface for Keybox units and ATU.
  • Up to 200 separate LEDs per panel programmable as Fire LEDs or other.
  • Up to 64 eight loop peer to peer panel network capacity.
  • Up to 10,000 programmable and indicatable system zones
  • Greater than 100,000 addressable device system capacity.
  • 20,000 event memory of all fire and fault and system events – all filterable
  • Selectable Language
  • ‘Slide In’ label system on custom moulded bezels, for customizable language labels/custom description of zones and programmable LED’s. Common word processor templates available with software.
  • Isolated internal/external RS 485 peripheral bus for connection of ancillary peripheral cards (32 cards in total per panel).
  • Up to 16 GB (2 GB as standard) internal SD card memory (removable micro SD card). SD card can be programmed off site if required.
  • Dedicated port for Ethernet connection (requires plug on TCP/IP card) to allow for Internet control and monitoring.
  • On board printer option.
  • Mini Repeaters, flush mounting with bezel.
  • Modular Construction.
  • Up to 18 AHr batteries in standard enclosure.
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